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Innovative Interiors & Construction is a subcontractor specializing in acoustic room treatments for the commercial construction market in Denver and surrounding areas.

  • Eurospan Stretch Systems

    Design and installation of Eurospan Stretch System, a seamless acoustical solution that can be customized to fit any size ceiling or wall. Eurospan is the perfect fit for those jobs that are difficult to fit. With Eurospan's unique installation system and our professional installers we can tackle some of the most difficult projects.

  • Translucent Ceilings

    A translucent ceiling can add a very modern and functional feature to an conference room or even an auditorium. Clipso Translucent is a stretch system with a variety of color and opacities. Creative lighting combined with Clipso Translucent can transform a simple conference room into an impressive board room atmosphere.

  • Metal or Wood Ceilings

    Looking to include some unique features to your commercial building project? Luxalon or Woodwright Ceiling systems are long-lasting and sharp looking. The Luxalon metal ceilings can be perfect for interior and exterior use with linear and curved options. Wood finishes are available the Woodwright and Natura lines, offering an organic and elegant element to your building project.

  • Custom Acoustic Ceiling Clouds and Baffles

    Interior noise mitigation can be important in those common areas like auditoriums, gymnasiums, or even conference rooms. Let Denver based Innovative Interiors Construction design a visually appealing acoustic room treatment to address your noise pollution challenges.

  • Custom Acoustical Wall System

    Our team of experts will design and install the best acoustic wall system to suit your project. Acoustical wall and room treatments can have a traditional look like in a theater or auditorium, they can be decorative and be a visual point of interest or take on the look of everyday drywall and blend right into the background. Talk to one of our Denver based acoustic room treatment experts today for direction and coaching on your project.

  • Structural Acoustic Roof Deck

    Acoustic roof decking for all applications. Our team is experienced with handling the most challenging of acoustic treatment projects in Denver and across Colorado. Wether your project needs a simple acoustical room treatment or if the treatment needs to additionally function as a vapor barrier our team can accommodate with the right product. A team member is standing by to discuss your acoustic roof deck requirements.

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Featured Services

Eurospan Stretch System

Eurospan is one of the industry's highest tech acoustical ceiling and wall systems. This commercial acoustic treatment system from our Denver based service offers maximum flexibility when it comes to application and design. With Eurospans build on site installation system even the most difficult installs can be accomplished saving time and money. Historic buildings, were nothing is square or plumb, can be nearly impossible to fit with prefabricated acoustical panels. Eurospans unique system allows the installers to custom build on site making even the most extreme challenges easy to overcome. Contact one of our Denver IIC team members for a free evaluation of your projects design to see if Eurspan Stretch Systems would be a good fit for your project.

Acoustic Ceiling Clouds and Baffles

Ceiling clouds or baffles can be the perfect product to manage the noise pollution in your house of worship, auditorium or gymnasium. Our Denver based team can work with you to design the most practical and functional acoustic room treatment system to help mitigate the sound challenges in your facility. Additionally we can take your project from great to wow with some creative upgrades to your acoustical panels. Custom shapes and installation techniques can take an average project and add that wow factor with minimal additional expenses. A project manager is available to help you find your wow.

Each project is unique

We take the time to look at each project independently. Every job is unique and should not be put into a box. Our team of expert installers works through your acoustic wall or ceiling treatment with the highest level of craftsmanship.

Featured Project

Old School House, Breckenridge Colorado

The Old School House building project is one of Summit County's largest redevelopment projects. This building has been many things over the years and has now been repurposed as a community center and a library. The building now also features a movie theater and a coffee shop.

Once Denver based Innovative Interiors & Construction was called into action, it was immediately apparent that the architects call for prefab acoustical treatments was not going to work. This building fell into the "nothing is square or plum" category and had hundreds of penetrations in the ceiling panels. Eurospan stretch system was a no brainer for this project. After months of construction this project is complete and showcases some of our best and most complicated work.